OK, we know the feeling.  You have these old speakers that you bought new and you’ve had them a long time.  They don’t look quite pristine around the edges anymore. Although, hopefully better than the old piano in the picture above!  They (maybe, you’re not sure), don’t sound quite as fabulous as they did all those years ago.  You can’t quite recall what it was, but you stopped listening through them,  for some reason.  Bass seems less full and accurate?  Treble not as sparkly as it was once?   The loud bits in the music seem to lack authority, but all the spaciousness and mid-range clarity seems pretty good still?

At Quads Unlimited, we’ve heard all these observations and thousands more.

You’re not alone.

You’re not hearing things.

Quads grow old, along with the rest of us!  The Extra High tension power supply capacitors and diodes become “leaky” or fail, so the output of the panels is lower.  The speaker won’t play as loudly.  You turn up the gain control on the amp to compensate and Bang! Crack!  there’s a nasty spark inside the speaker.  It still plays, but there’s now a hole burned through one or more of the diaphragms.

Coatings come away from the plastic film in the diaphragms over 40, 50, 60 years.  These speakers go back to the 1950’s don’t forget.  Do you own anything else that old, that still works?  Well, maybe the old piano at the top of this page.  There’s no reason why the piano, or your speakers, have to remain in that condition.  They can be restored to full health both electrically and cosmetically and, most of all, sonically.

From supplying you with the “side cheeks” in  a variety of quality woods, to original pattern legs for the Quad 57, right up to a complete rebuild of your treasured speakers, Quads Unlimited is equipped perfectly to fix your speakers, with years of experience and a deep understanding of materials,  building techniques and a knowledge of electrostatic speaker design and practical skill.

Contact us now, we’ll listen to your story, and, we’ll fix those Quads to the original standard, or better.

Quads Unlimited treats every speaker as if it were our own.


Audio Transformers
Typical audio transformer condition as it comes in to us.
Restored Original Quad ESL Audio Transformer.




Treble Panels
Treble Panel with Arc Burn (centre) and rusted bolts.

Treble Panel with All New Stainless Steel bolts and new diaphragm.


Beautifully restored original Quad Legs (maple)

Restored Original Quad ESL feet in Maple Wood