As you can see in the banner picture above,  this is no ordinary “refurbished” panel.  Nor does it sound like any old “refurbished panel”.   You can see the high quality, precision, all-stainless steel bolts, flush with the mating nuts so that the dust covers are not damaged by contact with protruding bolt ends.  The extremely clean perforations and the clean fixing of the dust cover to the all new wood frame.   It’s details like this, in combination with the exact tensioning of the diaphragm and correct coating that makes Quads Unlimited panels sound extraordinary.  They are worth twice the price that is asked for them, simply because there is twice the labor is lavished on them.  Ahem!  We, hasten to add that we do not ask twice the price of anywhere else, although we blushingly admit to being slightly more expensive.  The quality will remain, long after the price is forgotten.



An even satin gray finish has been used on this client’s panel to prevent reflections through the front grille.

Generally clean and tidy dust cover attachment, with no hint of a ripple, or a folding error, that would cause acoustic rattles and buzzing at higher frequencies.

TREBLE PANEL SALE!!   $250 per panel