An Expert, the dictionary tells us, is:    “A person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field ”  or ” skilful or knowledgeable“.

Expertise is:  “Skill or knowledge in a particular field”.

In Wayne Picquet you have both. However, to reduce Wayne’s skill to a “particular field” would be a grave injustice. As anyone who has attempted to restore the original Quad ESL or any of its successors might say,  “It ain’t that simple!”

Expertise in wood working, expertise in metal working, expertise in spray painting, expertise at electronics repair, expertise in material selection…it’s an extensive list.  Even the simple matter of stretching a plastic membrane with weights and ensuring it stays at exactly the right tension for many years, is not that “simple”.  Many amateur and (dare we say) “professional” rebuilders fail in this area alone.  At least we pat the amateur on the back and say “nice try”.  The so-called “pros”…that’s their personal learning curve. Something to work on.

In brief, you can take a chance, or you can go to the Expert.