Quads Unlimited was started by Wayne Picquet, a Hi-Fi enthusiast, who was  so impressed by the essential “correctness” of this speaker reproducing music that he had to keep restoring them!

He has a love and passion for this original, legendary design and its successors.

It took over a year of historical research, general reading, practical experiment and plain old blood, sweat and tears, to unlock the secrets of producing a reliable speaker comparable to that  made by Quad of Huntingdon, England, circa 1960… in some ways, a little better.

Wayne Picquet is still the man behind Quads Unlimited and his attention to sonic and cosmetic detail in his restoration of these classic speakers has earned him a position of unparalleled respect in the Quad rebuilding community over the past fifteen years.

Quads Unlimited ESL-57 panels are consistently reviewed as the finest available in the world.